Thursday, April 5, 2012

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

The Moon from my bedroom window, 2:50 am, April 5, 2012. OK. These digital cameras are idiot proof and point and click, but it's still hard to properly take a picture of the Moon.

Well, today, I turned on the TV and there was nothing to watch, despite our one hundred billion channel universe,  so I turned to Casper the Friendly Ghost on a nostalgia cartoon station (ie, CHEAP cartoons) because that used to be one of my favourite programs, as a kid, of course. But not any more. Kind of boring, it is.  Although I can see why it appealed to me as a little girl: Caspar with his big head is a baby.  So I turned off the TV. Despite the fact the Jetson's was coming up.

Now, it has been said that Star Trek predicted the modern world, but I humbly contend  so did the Jetson's. Ok, not flying autos. But there's one episode that comes to mind. When I first saw it back in (who knows when) it made me laugh. Jane Jetson gets some kind of finger twisty disease due to pushing too many buttons.

Well! Aren't we all laughing, or perhaps crying,  now.

I'm writing this post in pain. My left arm, from the elbow to the shoulder and down through the blade, hurts like hell. In fact, I'm going to the see a physiotherapist tomorrow morning. My appointment is at 8 am, so I have to get up at 7 or so.  I assume this is a computer injury. Mostly. (Maybe carrying a purse on my shoulder for 4 decades didn't help.) I don't use a mouse, I use the little silver pad and making that little repetitive motion with my index finger of my left hand over and over probably is what did me in.

Now I always get up at 7 anyway, but I asked my husband to set the alarm, because when you HAVE to get up, that's when you don't. Knowing this, I was going to worry about getting up late and missing the appointment (which I sorely need) and then I wouldn't sleep well all night. (Digression: I never have any trouble sleeping EXCEPT when I have an important job interview. Then I don't sleep a wink. So every interview I've ever been too, I've been zonked!)

As it happens I am sleeping in the spare room, because we have a memory foam mattress in the -ahem- marital bed and I think that has contributed to my problem. I twist and turn during the night and that takes effort on a memory foam mattress. I told my husband "Now, we have a REAL marriage. Separate bedrooms. But he snores something fierce so it's a bit of a vacation for me."

As it also happens I just put up new curtains in this room. Actually, I tore a pretty beige sheet we had and made it into curtains.. And then I tied each panel at waist level with a piece of old lace I had on hand. Pretty.

Last evening, as I turned in, I decided it wasn't important to pull the curtains closed as I was getting up early and the bedroom window faces West anyway.

But what do you know? At about 2.50 am I was awakened by a feeling that someone was aiming a flashlight in my face. Scully? Mulder? It was the full moon!

Huge in the sky and hanging out (in scary fashion) behind the near naked branches of the maple tree in front.

The moon from my bed. It looks much smaller in this shot. Wonder why.

It was really bright!  (The picture above doesn't do it justice.) I guess my sons, who each slept in this room at one time, are used to the sight. I`ve missed it all these years, my bedroom being on the other side of the house. Facing the neighbours back yard, where there movement sensitive porch light goes on and off all night, due to animals I guess.

I just had to get a picture of the moon, I decided. So I pushed myself out of bed, very painful with this type of injury (and the two blue Advil I had taken before going to bed had worn off.)

I found the camera, but not the memory card. It was in the computer. So I got the old laptop out from under the bed and retrieved the memory card and tried to take a picture of the moon through the window but the flash reflecting on the glass drowned out the light of the orb. I eventually figured out how to cancell the flash and then I opened the window and took the picture above.

And then I went back to bed. And decided to watch the free light show from Mother Nature.

It lasted for about 8 minutes, and it was wonderful. Clouds floated in and created a blue and orange halo around the moon and then the clouds got thicker, like in a horror movie and then the moon disappeared completely and then peeked out for a moment and then disappeared again.

By that time I was wide awake and, boy, did my left arm ache.

So what did I do? I bent over and picked up the laptop off the floorand lifted it up, with great difficulty as that action uses precisely the muscles that are ailing, and decided to write this post, right then at 3 o'clock in the morning. ( I really must get an iPad, my laptop weighs a ton. It's about THREE years old, you know.)

I am typing now, of course. And using the stupid little pad to navigate, because you can't use a mouse with a laptop. Where do you put it?  I can hear my Boston Terrier, Bullwinkle, snoring from the next bedroom, my real bedroom. My husband isn't snoring for once.

I read on the Internet that arm and  scapula injuries such as mine might actually be generated from a slipped disk in the neck. I hope not. (My elderly mother had that problem from years of working as a typist/secretary. But I'm still young!)

Anyway, I just thought of one other way the Jetson's is prescient. Remember that ludicrous scene in the opening credits where George Jetson is walking his dog on a treadmill. The Dog Whisperer does that!

And it seems just as stupid when he does it. Why have a dog if you don't want to walk it? That's what I say. And that's what I feel he should tell his Yuppie clients. But then Caesar would never put up with Bullwinkle sleeping on the bed, under the covers, in winter. Farting away. Quite disgusting in a cute way. He's about 18 pounds and has a big head and eyes. He's my baby substitute.

Ouch. My elbow!

Here's a video comparing the light of this night's full moon with the light decorative driveway lantern  belonging to the new neighbour who moved across the street a few months ago. Their driveway light is far too strong,  a powerful beam - and they leave it on all night long which  really irks my husband. Hmm, It loaded really fast. So that means during the day my Internet slows down alot. Maybe I should put this video on YouTube and claim I saw a UFO last night. Scully! Mulder!