Monday, April 16, 2012

Edith sees the Red Sox in 1912

Dr.Henry Watters? Boston Doctor and Cousin to the Nicholsons of Richmond. (I'm not sure,but I did see a picture of him in an obit from Boston,photocopy of a microfilm and seems the same man.)

Well, as I write Diary of a Confirmed Spinster - the follow up to Threshold Girl (the first and second stories in my digital trilogy about  3 real life Canadian women during the Titanic Era, I have to wonder if I am to stop at June 1912, as I did with Flora's story- or go to August.

In August Edith and sister Marion visited their cousin Henry in Boston. It was clear from the letters, people were trying to fix Marion up with a guy from Boston (a Chester Coy who went nuts after the War)but nothing is mentioned about Edith.

So she is a confirmed Spinster by then, I guess. I'll make her so. Diary of a Confirmed Spinster is about the loss of  Edith's fiance in a Cornwall Fire in 1910 and her awakening as a suffragette sympathizer.

In Boston, she wrote a letter back to her Mom saying Henry took them to Norumbega Park and that on August 14th they were going to Boston in the Morning. (They were in Newton Center) and a Ball GAME IN the afternoon.

Well, I just discovered, the Fenway Park was opened one hundred years ago on April 20, 1912.

I checked. They played the St Louis Browns and the Red Sox won 8-2. A rookie pitcher, Buddy Napier, made his major league debut in that game for the Browns.

I bet I could find our more about the game. I could go the news archives..(TIME PASSING)

No problem. Baseball is a great game. You can find out exactly what happened through the stats! It was a double header. I think I will have them see one game only. (I should find stuff about this anniversary; surely they'll describe Boston back then. Chester will come along, and awkwardly court Marion, who is already in love with Mr.Blair back home. Edith will enigmatically remark that Henry isn't the marrying kind.