Friday, April 20, 2012

Sopranos (both senses)

A playbill for Sherbrooke's  Clement theatre, for Madame Albani concert, 1905.  The playbill doesn't give date but I have it recorded by Norman in his store book. He gave Edith 2.35 for the concert.

Madame Albani was the Victorian Celine Dion, world famous soprano, in the last decade of her professional life.She was Emma Lajeunesse of Chambly and there's a huge Wikipedia entry on her.

In my book, Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, the follow up to THRESHOLDGIRL I think I will have Edith mention the concert. It would have been a big event.

I tried to find a report on Albani's world tour in the Montreal Gazette, but to no avail. I did find an awful lot of booze ads. No wonder The Gazette was not exactly for women's suffrage.

I even found this ad for Radnor, which plays into my Milk and Water story, about 1927 Montreal and Corruption at City Hall.

Radnor was official supplier to the British Royals. Laurentian was not. In this same edition an advert proclaims that Laurentian is now supplier to the Allan Line. (Sir Montague Allan.. oh my! This is important to my play as I mention the guy. I saw the Prince of Wales is supping at Ravenscrag, Allan's home that became the Allan Memorial Hospital, where those horrible CIA experiments took place post WWII)

It also plays into Threshold Girl. In 1911 Flora Nicholson, my heroine, has  a crush on one Ross Cleveland, who went on to marry the niece of Sir Montague.

And that same March edition has an advert for SN Townsend, for booze, they are also mentioned in Milk and Water. They made a fortune in one year during American Prohibition.