Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family Problems

The Blairs of |Three Rivers, Hugh Blair, my husband's grandfather at top left.  I don't know all their names at the top of my head, one is Purvis. One of the brothers was very nice to the family after Hugh's death and visited.

At one time I had two neat hand written letters from Hugh in 1927 to Marion, written on his deathbed, saying he is only signing over his share of the family company for temporary business reasons.

Marion had dreaded this and not wanted to leave the house.

Anyway, as it turns out I have other documents showing what happened. Hugh and his widow are cut of the business, a letter says that his illness and the insurance cost ate up his share of the business.. I have a lawyer's letter saying Marion has a good case, but it would be costly. I have a letter from the Melitta chapter of the Masons saying each of her children will get a yearly endowment from their Orphan's Fund.

And I have a letter from Clayton Hill in 1927 showing what plots are available at the Melbourne cemetery, as Hugh had asked.

Hugh died right about that time and is buried on Mount Royal with his birth family.  In the final blow, Marion and family were not mentioned in the newspaper obit as survivors. Her brother sees the obit out in Saskatchewan and writes home asking why.

Marion Nicholson Blair never remarried, although she had a boyfriend. Apparently, her in-laws did not approve of that. She went on to become a Master Teacher and President of the Teachers Union in Montreal. Apparently, unlike her brother Herb, Marion wasn't one to cry over spilled milk.

So, she got what she wanted in the first place, a good career and a family, something women could not have, both career and family.

Anyway I am busy writing her story from 1908 to 1913 called Biology and Ambition. It is the follow up to her sister Flo's story, Threshold girll - about her year at Macdonald College in 1910/11 and her other sister Edith's story Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, about the loss of her great love in a Cornwall hotel fire in 1910, which just needs to be typed and I'm adding illustrations.