Monday, May 14, 2012

Finding a Husband, 1910 Era

Sophia Nicholson, Norman's niece gets married in October 1912.

I don't know her story, but she visited Richmond area in July 1911 before going out West. She visited Tighsolas twice, 'but did not take off her hat' despite being asked to spend the night.

(Interesting! She must have stayed a while, not a few minutes I gather. So if in those days you came for say, tea,you kept your hat on. Was this because putting on a hat was not an easy thing? Or fixing up the hair once the hat was taken off was not an easy thing.)

Her Father Gilbert and Brother were in Edmonton already. Gilbert is widowed, so likely Sophia was raised with someone else and just then rejoined the family.

And then she goes out West and within a year is married.

This is not an invitation,only an announcement. Maybe Gilbert was afraid the Nicholsons, who were having money issues, would descend on him and stay. His brother Norman often asked him to if he should go West and Gilbert said NO, This is Young Man's Country.

Marion Watters marriage announcement and invitation, 1914. She is often mentioned my books, especially Threshold Girl but also in Diary of a Confirmed Spinster (about to be posted) and Biology and Ambition, Marion Nicholson's story, being written.

In 1912/13, Mae lives with Flora and Marion on Hutchison in the great experiment. She has another boyfriend named Minty. Edith calls her 'a great flirt.' Well, it worked and Edith never married.

All this goes to show is that the two years Marion and Hugh waited to get married was a long period.

There were reasons. Firstly, Hugh was seeing another woman in May 1911, when he met Marion. I know because he blew her off in a letter in September. He told her they had 'no understanding' and he only thought of her as 'a very good friend.'

1893 letter from Donald Nicholson of Lingwick to Norman, "sorry that they are so poorly at Gilbert's." Might be when his wife died. Beautiful handwriting, for a man especially.