Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amazon's Popular WWII Books

Hmm. thinks it knows my interests:

Are you looking for something in our history books department?  I know I bought Nella Last's War, but I got that, I think, from

Anyway, they want me to try out Unbroken: A world war ll story of survival and resilience and redemption - by an author, Laura Hillenbrand, who has proven her chops. She wrote Sea Biscuit. 

Rescue: A true story of courage and survival in WWII. by Steven Trent Smith

Lost in Shangri-Law: A true story of survival and adventure: and the most incredible rescue mission of WWII. by Mitchell Zukoff

My gosh, you don't have to have much imagination to write tag lines for books. It reminds me of Bridget Jones' Diary.. "The greatest book our our time."

Looking For Mrs. Peel : another story of WWII survival and resilience and not-so-much redemption, but a free e-book. It is based on a true story, as they say. 

Let me think of better tagline: Looking for Mrs. Peel, the story of an old crone with cajones in WWII.

Looking for Mrs. Peel: the story of a 'diminutive Colonial matron of immense courage.' Someone wrote that about my grandmother in another book about WWII.

It's in radio-play format and I was asked by a Canadian Publisher to change it to narrative prose, but I don't want to do that. 

"Radio" is a character in my play.

I did a lot of research, about the radio station in Malaya before and during the war. And the central incident in the story, where my grandmother gets tortured in the Double Tenth Incident at Changi was also all about radio. 

And, of course, The Railway Man, about a man who was on the Thai Burma Railroad is coming out as a movie with Colin Firth.

There's no part for Colin Firth in Looking for Mrs. Peel, unless he wants to play my Dad, who was 45 at the time of the story. That would be fine with me, but he has no lines. No males have any lines in my play.

It's a woman's story.

When it comes to war books, women have no voice usually. That's my point: I reversed the gender roles. Below: My grandmother in 47 or so.. In Malaya, posing with cricketeers. She scored the game for Selangor State.

My grandmother, at Changi,had a love/hate relationship with men and a hate/hate relationship with most women it seems, including me, her grand daughter.