Friday, June 29, 2012

Eating Emu in Perth Under Big Ben.

A very daring camera shot in Perth..Ontario.

It's a statue of Ian Torchy Miller and his horse Big Ben.  Must be from Perth... Miller, anyway.

My husband and I ate at the Fiddleheads Bar and Grill on the park across the street from the statue. My husband asked me, Why is there a horse over there?

So I gave him a long talk about 1968 and the Olympics where Canada won only one gold medal, horse jumping the last day.  And how excited I was at 13 as I had spent two weeks in the summer watching the same team in a competition on Ste. Helene's Island.

Miller didn't have Big Ben. That horse was active in the 1980s. Was it Canadiana? Must check Wikipedia. All wrong, he didn't win the medal... Jim Day on Canadian Club, Jim Elder and Tom Gayford. Memories, but he won tonnes of competitions later on.

And Miller has a farm near Perth. He was born in Halifax.

Anyway, the statue is in a very pretty spot, which the restaurant`s terrace overlooks as I said.  Pricey place, but they had an Emu Sandwich on the menu, which I ordered, happy for a new experience, but they were all out of emu, as it were.

Eating Emu in Perth, almost.

I found this Salon on the main street. Great name. It is now my second favorite to Curl up and Dye in Old Orchard Beach.

As an English Quebecker, I crave cutesy store names. We only have extremely silly ones, like Ye Olde Curiosite Shoppe, to confuse the language police.

Well, I have been taking trips around Australia on Google Earth. The big cities anyway. Nice! And some Australians have been downloading my online stories, School Marms and Suffragettes and Milk and Water and Biology and Ambition. 

Of course, many many Australians download Looking For Mrs. Peel, which is about my grandmother`s ordeal at Changi Prison during the Second World War.

The Fiddlehead Bar and Grill is in an old mill. It`s funny how we`ve gentrified the places where our ancestors toiled. "From Factory to Fabulous!"  Nice slogan. I have one for the apartments in the Dominion Textile Building in Little Burgundy. "From Sweatshop to Sensational." (My story, School Marms and Suffragettes has a subplot involving Dominion Textile.)

An art deco mall of sorts. I asked the waitress if it had been the old movie house. She says she thought she heard that...