Friday, June 22, 2012

Eye in the Sky and Researching The Roaring Twenties

I just sent my eplay, or ebook, Milk and Water out to an expert in Montreal History and especially the history of the municipal waterworks.


Yesterday, I surfed Google Books entering "Jules Crepeau" to see if anything new has popped up. Not much. I can see he wrote a lot for magazines like "City Engineer" etc.

One entry, shows that in 1922, my grandfather was on a committee with Dr. Atherton, the man who gave the 1923 speech to the Canadian Club of Montreal, describing drug addled prostitutes, that helped set off the Coderre Inquiry.  My grandfather's name came up in that inquiry, but not associated with prostitutes. It was claimed he pressured Policeman into allowing movie theatres to break the rules. It's all very interesting.

In found my grandfather's and mothers marriage certificate on My grandfather's mother was a Forget, and that's key to his story.  Jules' brother Isadore was a witness at the marriage.. He was the man who fell out of his office window in 1932. He was the Vice President of a Motion Picture Company, the United Amusement Corporation. Of course, my grandfather ended up getting hit by a car in 1937, by an off duty police officer. He died the next year from complications. At the time of the accident, my father was getting a huge pension from the City, which made him the second highest paid person at City Hall, even though he wasn't working.

Here's an odd thing, if anything is odd about today's EYE IN THE SKY or Eye in the Cloud times.

When I entered Jules Crepeau, about 8 pages of entries came up. On page 4, four entries that didn't have Jules Crepeau in them. Not that the entries were of little interest to me: of course they were of interest. They were right out of my blog. Dangerous Old Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, an ebook I bought off Sounds True. Gigi, A Month in the Country, which I watched last year and really liked. It's an early Colin Firth movie. And the City Below the Hill, By Herbert Brown Ames. I found a copy on and used it to research my book about 1910 Montreal School Marms and Suffragettes. I have Jules mention Mr. Ames in Milk and Water.