Saturday, June 9, 2012

Google's Reverse Psychology

Gee, I've noticed that for a while I've been getting 'visitors' from prestigious news publications like the Guardian.

I read the Guardian every day, online. So I didn't think about it, too much.

I got another one for the British Home Office newsletter. Whaaaaaat?

I thought maybe they were interested on my take on the British Suffragettes. Maybe you are not allowed to slam Winston Churchill in blogs...But, no, I think it's a reverse psychology advertising thing.

This comes in the statistics area of my blog and so it looks as if these publications have linked to my blog or one of the posts.

But really I THINK it's a come on to visit the post that looks like it has linked to you. They got me yesterday, I found this Andrew Coyne article and clicked on it. I don't usual read him. I didn't read yesterday. Who reads stuff online?  He's the guy with the clever sister, I think.

I guess they scan keywords in my posts. I also get 'visits' from a lot of weird publications from all over the world, many not English.

Now I have to think of a reverse, reverse psychology thing!

I assume Google has told me all about this advertising scheme in some small print everyone.