Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Invitation to Remember.

Pretty Blurry, but it's an invitation to a 1926 Wedding at Church of St. James the Apostle.

The wedding of  one Edward Thorburn Cleveland to a Miss Marguerite Evelyn Beardmore, niece of Sir Montague Allan.  Sir Montague gives the bride away. I read it in the newspaper account I have somewhere else.

 I believe Allan lost both his young daughters on the Lusitania.

The reception is at Ravenscrag! Pine Avenue West.

The Nicholsons made it to Ravenscrag. The middle-class Nicholsons, who struggled so much with finances.

Thorburn Cleveland was a relation of sorts. A cousin of Margaret Nicholson's married his father Dr. Cleveland in 1904. He was a dentist and he  moved to Montreal and set up  a practice in Westmount. Thorburn had a brother Ross whom Flora Nicholson really really liked. Their 1911 census listing below:

In my story about the Nicholsons School Marms and Suffragettes there is a great deal about the  Clevelands, of Montreal, Lorne Avenue, the Montreal branch of a pioneer Richmond family. They were good friends.

Anyway, in 1927 the Prince of Wales, future Edward VIII visits Montreal and no doubt he visited Ravenscrag. That place had special rooms reserved for Royalty, I've read.

In my story Milk and Water about Montreal in 1927 I mention Ravenscrag, which became the Allan Memorial where those hideous CIA mind experiments were conducted after the Second World War.

The little boy standing in front of Edith may be Edward Thorburn as he visited Tighsolas is 1912 and was quite a handful. Or it is Stanley Hill, Edith's nephew.

The Thorburn Cleveland's were often in the Society Section of the Newspaper, and later their daughter Chella, who attended many society weddings and then got married herself in 61. I can't see if Edith or Flo is invited, they only give the name of out of town guests.

Ravenscrag, Hugh and Montague and the parlour.

Chella and new hubby. 1961.

And here's the wedding announcement of another daughter in 1954, that I stumbled on looking for my birth notice a few minutes after I wrote this post. Odd coincidence.  I was born December 1, 1954.My parents didn't put the announcement in the paper, it seems.