Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mayans and Mexican Mysteries and Holbox

Cute, creepy crawlers.

My son visited a place called Holbox in Mexico and sent me some pictures. It's near Cancun.

Of course, I worried about him going to Mexico - and he tends to like to roam off the beaten path - but Mexico is a big place he told me.

And then he went to Cancun - which he hated as too Las Vegas. Someone suggested Holbox.

Trubu Hostel, Holbox

Anyway, the worst thing that happened to him, he got a mega sun burn the first day, which they now tell you is almost certain skin cancer.  I hope his Cree genes help him out here.

I've just finished writing a book Diary of a Confirmed Spinster where Mexico figures prominently. 1910 Mexico (and not about Zapata and the Revolution, this time.)

My book is based on the real letters of one Edith Nicholson, my husband's great aunt. In 1910 she lost her fiance in a hotel fire under what I think are suspicious circumstances. Her fiance had just returned from a mysterious trip to Mexico. And then moved to Cornwall Ontario.

As it happens the 1910 era was the beginning of the US war or drugs. As usual, it was really a war on the underclass, the Chinese. Opium was the drug in question. In 1909 it had been outlawed in the US. In Canada in 1910 opium was outlawed in Canada, but only for the Chinese. Women could still guzzle opiates in their medicines. (Edith did!)  In Mexico opium was still legal.

In my story Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, I have Edith's fiance killed over drugs. I'm not sure why he went to Mexico, there is no explanation in letters, but there was a typhoon in Monterrey in August 1909, and the water works there were owned by important Canadian concerns.

Diary of a Confirmed Spinster is part of my School Marms and Suffragettes digital trilogy about 3 Canadian women in 1910.

Here's more pictures near Holbox and Cancun. Mayan ruins and Nature Conservancy. That's where the crabs on top are from. I think he went to Chitzen Itza and Coba.

More Holbox below

And some fishermen took him out on a boat and left him to scuba dive off shore on a reef. (What was he thinking?) He said it really was an other worldly experience.

Below: Edith Nicholson, my son's great great aunt, with her fiance, Charlie in 1909.