Friday, June 22, 2012

Protect Yourself!!

In 1910 the time of School Marms and Suffragettes there were a lot of things for parents to worry about, the white peril, (tainted milk), the menace of the motion picture, the King of Death (pneumonia) and disease carrying housefly, and the Social Evil as in prostitution (more precisely the danger of your daughters being lured into it my those immigrant types.)

A terrible war was coming up, many magazine article were already warning about it, but only a few worried  about that possibility.

I actually found this two sided flyer, How to Protect Yourself against Atomic Attack in my father-in law's bookshelf a few years ago as we were packing up the house.  The other side was in French so it was distributed in Quebec.

Keep this Handy, the flyer says and my in-laws obeyed, tucking it away in a book probably back in the 1950's.

I scanned it and then sold it on eBay for a song. I thought we'd only lose it so a collector should have it.

"If you are outdoors when the bomb explodes, seek shelter beside a building."

"If a bomb explodes in the air, wait a few minutes and then go out to help citizens fight fires."

Of the Powers that BE knew this was nonsense.  So why the BS? And a more relevant question, what kind of BS are we being fed today, with regards to real or imagined dangers.