Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ragtime, the Shaw Festival and Persian Lamb

Marion and Edith Nicholson 1910ish

I see that the Shaw Festival, this year, is featuring Ragtime the Musical. says the musical "soars."

I've never seen the musical. The book, Ragtime, was a favorite read of mine years ago. I think I was a bit disappointed in the movie, but not too much.

I see on IMDB that the movie stars Elizabeth McGovern and Mary Steenburgen two of my favorite actresses who are still enjoying boffo careers. McGovern has been in Downtown Abbey and Steenburgen in The Help and 30 Rock.

I don't recall much from the scene but a funny nude scene by McGovern, where she is angry. Or maybe that's Once Upon a Time In America.

Seems like a no-brainer for me to go see the play.

When I started researching the Nicholson letters, for my books School Marms and Suffragettes
I didn't know much about the 1910 era. What I had learned, I had learned from movies like Ragtime or the Great Race or The Music Man.

I'm pretty much an expert now. I've learned about 1910 life in Canada through the eyes of 3 young Canadian women, my husband's grandmother and great aunts. And I've passed on what I learned in my free ebook.

When I was 10 in 1964, I wasn't impressed with Edwardian women. They were all in their eighties. They wore their hair up old-fashioned-like and they sometimes wore smelly old Persian Lamb Coats and  had dead animals with dessicated eyes sockets hanging in their closets which reeked of moth balls and lavender.

Of course, Persian Lamb coats were very expensive, very chic in 1910. They just got a little ratty after 50 years.

The Shaw Festival is 7 and 1/2 hours away from where I live. It's  near Niagara Falls, of course.

Hmm. The Toronto Star says that the opening night crowd had an ecstatic reaction to Ragtime. So, I'd better get those tickets soon.

There's Marion below left with animals around her neck, car shopping at the Motor Import Company of Canada in 1910.

I haven't seen the movie Ragtime playing anywhere, and I have all the movie channels on satellite. I may have to buy the CD if it exists.