Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tripping by Mind and Foot

I haven't been able to drive, because I have this lingering shoulder injury and, besides, I live in the suburbs. There's no place to go.

Back in the early 80's and 90's, when I was raising my kids, I thought nothing about zipping into Montreal to see a friend, maybe only to have a coffee at a Queen Mary bistro. I drove in and out at every chance. My mother lived in town, I could just drop the kids off.

Zipping was easier back then. Gas was 2/3rds cheaper and it took 45 minutes to get to the city. Nowadays, you can double that time, even outside of rush hour and without construction havoc. Suburban sprawl.

Anyway, yesterday I was at home alone on a beautiful Monday evening and I thought "Where would I like to be right now? If I could teleport anywhere. " And cliche of cliches, I thought PARIS.

I'd like to be able to zip into Paris and have a coffee (or cafe au lait) at a bistro, I thought to myself.

So then I decided to go to FLICKR and enter PARIS RESTAURANT and I put a slide show on the big screen.  People like to take pictures of their food presentations, too, so that's a bonus. So I got an eyeful. (I was inspired. I sprinted to the kitchen and made myself a portobello sandwich, on raisin bread with slivers of fresh parmesan. It was OK but afterwards I realized it needed a slice of cold fresh apple and some kinda herb.. )

I noticed that there were many pictures of this one restaurant called Le Poulbot. I looked it up, it was in Montmartre.

So I got a hankering to visit Montmartre. (Cliche again.) And I found this video on YouTube.

It was  real good one:

If it is a professional video the video artist disguises it well. You don't want a packaged travel video on YouTube, you want something that takes its time and gives you a feel you are there.

This video has good camera work, plenty of background noise, and camera shots that are neither too long nor too short.

Now, the last time I performed this  kind of fantasy tripping, I scoped YouTube videos of  the Malibu coast. It was mid January and I had the winter blues. And what do you know? I went to California the very next year.

So here' s hoping. And I got good practice climbing hills, I visited San Francisco on that California trip.

 Rue Poulbot, just off the touristy drag in Montmartre.

There's always Quebec City... I've only been there ONCE in the past two decades in the summer of 2009. (It was about 100 degrees so my husband and I found the hills daunting.)

And we rushed in and out on a trip to Nova Scotia. Parts of that city are extraordinarily picturesque and touristy too. There's an idea!!!

Margaret Nicholson of School Marms and Suffragettes visited Quebec in 1908 during their Tercentary, a huge event, with thousands upon thousands of visitors and all the streets decorated with banners and bazillions of soldiers on parade and the Prince of Wales, the Future King George VI, floating in on a brand new battleship. (WWI wasn't such a fluke, you know.)