Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What exactly is Social Studies?

School Marms and Suffragettes is my ebook about 3 Canadian women in the 1910 era based on genuine era letters.

A few days ago I checked out the Ontario curriculum to see that their goals for 8th grade history align perfectly with the topics covered in my ebook.

 So, that is why Ontario schools come to my Tighsolas website!

The issues of the Laurier Era, a pivotal era in history, are focused on to a great extent.

And that's why the library at OISE at the University of Toronto was happy to add a copy of my book to their collection.

Today I checked out the Quebec social studies and history curriculum to see that it didn't seem to focus at all on the Laurier Era. Even with respect to 'women's role in society' it started after WWI.

So that's why few Quebec students come to the website. Too bad, my story takes place in Quebec, in Richmond and Montreal and elsewhere.

 But the Quebec website had a nice definition of Social Studies.

I do think reading the Nicholson Family Letters and School Marms and Suffragettes will meet the goal  in splendid fashion. My book shows how the Political influences the Personal and vice versa. And it's based on real events!