Sunday, July 8, 2012

Johnny Jellybean - Ted Zeigler CFCF

I was going through my dvd's looking for certain shots of certain old friends, but came upon a video of the opening of Lunchtime Little Theatre, with Johnny Jellybean or Ted Zeigler. It's a Montreal Boomer Classic. Look at the titles. How crude.. But who cares?

Here's the video, off my TV.

Anyway, I think this video is all that remains of Lunchtime Little Theatre from CFCF 12 TV. He's making jellybeans in a factory.

Remember the squack box he destroyed every day?

I'd put the video up, but I don't know how to grab it. Ted Zeigler went on to the Sonny and Cher Show. He was American.

And here's another very weird piece of Montreal 60's memorabilia... My friend Gary Jewell doing one of his parodies on the Plattsburg station on the occasion of weather man Bird Berdan's (sp?) retirement.  Berdan did ads for Aubuchon Hardware. Plattsburg was our NBC station, WPTZ. Gary died in 2003. I have a lot of his silly songs (Bob Dylan sings the Flinstones theme)and serious songs, but can't figure out how to post them. Wait. I figured it out. Four more Original Gary Jewell songs a few posts ahead around September 20, Spinsters and Bachelorettes, Chutney and Bicycle Accidents, Smoke and Diamonds and Rorchach Montage.

If you remember CHOM In the 80's Gary wrote and voiced the Tabloid Trashes.

Anyway, read my Looking for Mrs. Peel story for more about Montreal in the 60's.