Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Teacher Resource, Canadian History.

This history book Destinies, Canadian History since Confederation has a link to my website Tighsolas, that contains the Nicholson Family Letters.

Nicholas Family, they write.  Well.

The page in question is where I condensed the letters sent while Flora Nicholson was at Macdonald Teacher's College.

The letters are also in Threshold Girl. Now that entire book is a great teacher resource. It contains most everything you want to know about life in English Quebec in the 1910 era, with a wicked twist on the suffrage movement in Canada.

I had 300 family letters from the era to start with (and that's a lot of letters). It took me many years to research the background to them. Thank God for the Internet. Otherwise I would not have been able to do it.  Up until now, only scholars had access to these research tools and the money to hire researchers.

The Destinies Canadian History Book, published by Nelson Education has the link under The Impact of Urban and Industrial Growth, but my letters center on a family living in a town, Richmond Quebec.

The townsfolk of Richmond, circa 1911. Edith Nicholson in front with little boy, Flora sitting at far left. And a friend in between, a rather homely friend.  All wearing silly hats.

I know that the Nicholson story, as depicted in the letters, and therefore my ebook, School Marms and Suffragetttes, fits the Ontario 8th grade History Curriculum like a glove.