Friday, July 20, 2012

Pretty as a Picture

My husband puts Aunt Flo back together....Pretty as a picture and she was.

She was adopted by my grandfather and grandmother in around 1912.  The story is she came begging at the door so often they just took her in.

She told me her name was St-Martin, so I think I found her here on the 1911 Census.

Here's Flo in the 50s off a Super 8.

The story also goes her mom was an alcoholic actress... a beautiful woman..  (Flo knew how to flirt, that's for sure. In WWII she used her charms to recruit young men into the military. Siren, you see.)

Anyway, from the Census you can see that this woman (Flo's birth mom)  had lots of babies all in a row. Her husband worked for the City. Perhaps that is why he sent his daughter a beggin' at the home of the Director of City Services, not far away.

Many people were poor in 1910, very poor.  Montreal had the highest infant mortality in the Western World, it is said. Flo in 1912 went from rags to riches.

My story School Marms and Suffragettes reveals that... and my story Milk and Water tells the story of Flora's adoptive family in 1927 Montreal.

Aunt Flo liked to pose: she had picked something up from her Mom the actress early on.

She worked at Morgan's department store as a sales girl and got her pretty dresses at a discount.

1926 and 1996