Sunday, January 6, 2013

A 94 Year Old Bride??

A sixties wedding. Marion Nicholson's granddaughters.. the bride, just returned from India, wore a sari. Edith and Flora attended. Marion had passed away by that time.

My late Mother in law is at right in what seems like a ridiculous hat made of fake pink flower petals. Ridiculous you think, until you realize that Queen Elizabeth wore a similar hat to Expo 67 about a month earlier.

Yesterday, Saturday the 5th of January, I went to Montreal, to le Salon Marions-Nous at Place Bonaventure with my future daughter-in-law.

She asked me to come. She also asked her grandmother and about 5 of her bridesmaids.

I myself got married at a Justice of the Peace, in a 95 dollar dress, which didn't look all that bad. It was flapper style which I hoped hid my flabby belly. I had already given birth at the time of my wedding, 3 months before. I was slim compared to the brides standing in line in front of me who were all pregnant, some ready to drop.

We took in the fashion show at Salon Marions-Nous, yesterday. It seems to me there are but two main styles of bridal dress today, despite the wide range of dresses available.

Since I don't know the sewing terms, I can't succinctly describe the two main styles.

Suffice it to say, the modern bridal dresses are not very Edwardian. Most remind me of the high fashion gowns of the 1940's, the kind in movies with Lauren Bacall, like How to Marry a Millionaire. Except that these 21st century wedding dresses are not in living colour but in white or off-white or occasionally pale rose.

(Is is true that Queen Victoria started the trend of white frilly bridal gowns, not to seem PURE and Chaste (I imagine that was a given) but to promote British lace to the world?)

All the dresses in the show had no sleeves, for one. Most were totally strapless,  too. Half  had big puffy skirts like giant meringues, with the way the body was gathered being the only way to distinguish them, the others were body hugging until the hips then the shirt flared out a la Carmen Miranda. A few dresses were mini - and two were mini in the front with puffy at the back. That I found a strange style.

 Some dresses are accessorized with black gloves and one even had a black veil which seemed a bit Bride of Frankenstein. One accessorized with purple-coloured Christmas lights. No kidding.
A 1910 bride from a Paris publication, so the 'very latest'.. No trains in modern bridal gowns, from what I saw

Anyway, afterwards my future daughter in law went from glittery booth to shiny booth gathering information and samples and brochures about florals and cakes and what else and filling in contest forms.  At every booth the attendant asked "Who is the bride?" and all the bridesmaids in unison pointed to my future daughter in law. It must be nice to be the center of attention.

Grandma and I tagged along behind them. I was asked just once by someone shilling something if I was the bride to be. At 58 I guess I could be, but Granny was asked once too. Except she is 94 years old! And the person asking wasn't poking fun.

Ok, Grandma looks and moves like a 70 year old, but still...She was appalled at the cost of wedding dresses. She still has her wedding dress she says and she can still fit in it, which is one reason she is moving around so spryly at 94. The golf too. And the fact her granddaughter keeps her in the loop.

The fashion show we watched had a range of models, different races and different sizes, (well, one plus sized model) but no 94 year old bride. Ageism!!!

The one picture I took at Salon de la Mode.. My future daughter in law is planning a vintage wedding and we're looking for picture frames like this.

To go with ones like this of Margaret Nicholson.

Read School Marms and Suffragettes to learn about Love and Courtship in 1910. It's an ebook based on family letters. I am soon going to delete the file from my website and put up a FINAL EDIT on Kindle, like I did with Milk and Water.

You can buy it here for 5.04 (for some reason). It's now 237,000th on the best seller list. WOO WOO.

And yet the book  contains a  suggestion (conspiracy theory?) that is very politically-charged.  (It is at least as controversial as the Tom Thompson Death Mystery.. which has just been solved with the help of the Nicholson Women, specifically a picture of Marion Nicholson from 1912.)