Monday, January 21, 2013

Amazon reviews and ebooks and Dominion Park

My first promo for Diary of a CONFIRMED Spinster. I got a new camera at Christmas and I am learning how to use Corel Video editor, so I can improve on it.

The Medium is the Message. I am editing my story Diary of a Spinster on my Kindle because is it to be read on a Kindle and as McLuhan said, the Medium is the message.

I seem to remember a Star Trek Next Generation where Picard is reading on a tablet of sorts, that swings over his bed.

And another Star Trek from the original series where a quirky lawyer prefers hard cover books.

All very prescient.

Of course, our attention spans are dwindling. As Jon Stewart says... "SQUIRREL!!"

No one has bought any of my Amazon books, Threshold Girl, Milk and Water and Looking for Mrs. Peel (which was widely read when online on my website for free. I even caught a big London Producer looking closely at it. But, alas, nothing came of it.)

And I know librarians like Threshold Girl. And a top scholar in the field told me the history is good in Milk and Water. So good enough for me.

Anyway, I have a plan. I have these terrific WWI letters which are very marketable, especially for schools.

Diary of a Spinster is coming up next on Kindle. I got some publicity last year, in the Cornwall newspaper, but I should have waited until I published it. It's about Love and Loss in 1910. (That'll be my subhead.)

Maybe I'll try again.

The New York Times has a story today about how some Michael Jackson fans are trashing a new book out about him, by Randall Sullivan called Untouchable. I went online to see and yes, the reviews are awful. Except don't you have to buy the book before reviewing?

The author of the piece says new books used to get ignored and now they are flamed, or whatever it's called.

I tried to give Milk and Water a five star rating ;) but they took it off. I thought it might be useful to jump-start the process. I mean, I could always just go on my husband's account and buy it and review it, but I thought this was funnier as it was obvious it was me.

Marion from a picture from the family album and a woman immortalized on a postcard of Dominion Park.. Marion went to Dominion Park of course.