Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ebooks and Amazon and Editing Too Much.

My cover for the Kindle Edition of Threshold Girl, that is available here for purchase.

Oddly enough, it is not available on the website, although it was last night. The minute it was published I re-loaded the file, because I saw a mistake.

I guess, to discourage this type of thing, they 'punish' you by taking the listing off for a few days.

I can't blame them. A writer should only post the FINAL PERFECT edit, right?

I've been editing this story for ages and, you know, you can just go on and on. The drafts I gave away for free, but you want this to be O.K.

I sort of feel bad. Just as I took the free version of Threshold Girl off the Internet, I saw that a class in an international school in Europe was using it to teach about the suffragettes. It was listed as an Intermediate reading.

Intermediate? I wonder what that means in this context. International Schools have high standards, don't they? And was if for 5th grade or 12th  grade?

Well, Milk and Water, my story about Montreal Corruption in 1927 is also on Amazon. If you have an iPad you can download a Kindle app apparently.

It's about 437,000 down on the Kindle Store list and sometimes I feel like it should stay there. The story is very controversial. And in Quebec, controversial can be incendiary, like the Laurier Palace Fire.

(My husband works in the media and someone at work asked him how to get my book - and I sort of didn't want to let him have it. Talk about Ambivalence!)

But Milk and Water is also a family memoir, so I can hide behind that. And an expert in the history of Montreal described the story as 'un bel effort de la reconstitution historique.'  I can't quote her on Amazon though as it was only an informal exchange.

The Laurier Palace where the infamous fire took place. How was my grandfather involved and what did he know? Like I have Mr. Wells say in the story, "It all smells to high heaven."  Read Milk and Water.