Monday, January 14, 2013

Ebooks and Perplexing Pictures of the Mind

Marion Nicholson, in front of Tighsolas, circa 1912.

I'm putting together the ebook Pictures of the Mind, with the Nicholson family letters from May 1911 to July 1912, a very hectic time in the life of the family. This epistolary novel will complement Threshold Girl, already published on, in Kindle format,  a fictionalized account of the time, using the same letters as a template but diverting from the plot a bit. It is not as yet the best-selling ebook on Kindle.

I am using the family photos to illustrate Pictures of the Mind, so it's important that I get Who is Who right.

The problem is the sisters, Marion and Edith, look alike. Since I've discovered the Nicholson Family Album I've been continually getting them mixed up and changing my mind as to who is in which picture.

This picture really mixed me up.

It has Hugh Blair with his hands entwined around a woman, a tallish woman, with her hair parted on the right. Not Marion, his future bride, but Edith!

This must be Edith too. Probably taken on the same day. See the bracelet.

Here are the three girls together. Well, women. They are in their twenties.

I have to go by the hair. Edith and Marion look alike. Marion's weight vacillates. When she's chubbier I can easily recognize her, but not when she's thin. And in 1912 she lost a lot of weight. The letters remark upon it. Stress!!! I guess I could compare the handwriting on the top picture withe the handwriting in the letters.

Margaret and Marion, Marion looking tired out and why not? The family counted on her in 1912 to keep them afloat. Read Threshold Girl.

Pictures of the Mind is a great title, if I say so myself. Margaret uses the phrase in 1912 when she is angry at a relation who is fighting her over a will.  "They say letters are pictures of the mind and her mind must be a pretty bad one, from her letter."

But I found the same phrase in the Nicholson Family copy of Martine's Sensible Letter writer.  That's where Margaret got the phrase!!