Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good News for Canadian Tennis Fans!

I woke up this morning to some good news on my digital recorder, that Novak Djokovic had become a Canadian at the Australian Open. So it doesn't matter how well Raonic does against Federer. That is if Djokovic beats Wawrinka and he's Number 1, so how could he not?

I also woke up today to heavy winds, which scare me because we are about to go into an old-fashioned week long deep freeze and it's no time to lose the electricity.

I can't leave the house, I have two cats and two dogs. Just like during the Ice Storm of 1998, where it never really got cold, but we still had to leave the house, all the dogs and kids.

Of course, what was going on in Serbia in 1998 was far worse. Or Montenegro, I imagine, where real Canadian Milos Raonic was born.

Anyway, this TSN feed is ESPN, with what's his name, McEnroe, who I'm told owns an art gallery in Soho, New York. Not too shabby.

I own a picture of a loft in Soho. Well, I don't own it, I got if off Sotheby's.

Now, if only my books on kindle would sell!

But Threshold Girl and Milk and Water aren't about tennis, or vampires, or art shops in Soho. (Well, the girls played tennis then and looked a bit like this:

And I think a Canadian won at Wimbledon back then. No he got into the doubles finals 1910. Robert Branks Powell, who died at Vimy Ridge.

My letters are about Canadian History. My WWI letters have had an outside edit and I'm going to look at them today.

These letters reveal the truth about Canadians in WWI, how they felt about the war and how it affected them. And they reflect the truth of the Conscription Crisis in Quebec, from an Anglo and French perspective.

Someone cut out a newspaper clipping of Vimy Ridge as a local man died.

The good thing about tennis, I can work while watching the Australian Open! If I miss a good point I can just rewind it back!

I actually have one letter from Australia from about 1896. It's from a relation married to a preacher.

The Free Church Manse

East Charlton

Victoria, Australia
My dear cousin Marion,
Your letter of the 23rd came safely to hand and I need not say that my dear husband and myself were truly glad to hear from you. It is refreshing indeed to me and my husband is shared in my joy. Let us thank the gracious Lord for his care over us in our youth and age and press on to a nearness to God... and so. Then she complains that the younger generation only wants to have fun.