Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Natalie Wood, Lance Armstrong and Anna Kendricks

I checked out Google Trends this morning and the top searches were Natalie Wood, Anna Kendricks and Lance Armstrong.

Then I went to Google News and saw the top stories were, you guessed it, Natalie Wood, Anna Kendricks and Lance Armstrong.

So what came first, the chicken or the egg. Are Natalie Wood, Anna Kendricks and Lance Armstrong top searches BECAUSE they are top headlines or vice versa.

Just asking. And is Anna Kendricks' 'racy' tweet a headline as an excuse to put Ryan Gosling on the front page of Google?

Well, I was checking up if anyone was looking up Thresh Girl, my book for sale on Amazon kindle.

It is the first part of a series  called School Marms and Suffragettes. Another book in the series, which I have posted as a rough draft is Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, which partly takes place in Cornwall, Ontario and is about an infamous 1910 fire the Rossmore Hotel Fire.

Ryan Gosling is from Cornwall, don't you know.

Anyway, all this information overload... my book is one of 2,000,000 on Kindle, but I am hoping that it will become an education standard.

It is an excellent history of the 1910 period, of the time of the suffragettes and The New Profession of Homemaking.

Natalie Wood is in the news because the coroner is changing the status of her death from accidental to 'duuno.'

Maybe, if my story Milk and Water gets around, they'll change my old Great Uncle Isadore's death status to "dunno." He was in the movie biz too, you know. He was Vice President in the 1920's of United Theatre Amusements, a chain of movie houses in Montreal.

He fell out of a 7 storey window in 1931 BY MISTAKE. wink wink.  But this was a year after my grandfather was forced to resign from his post as Director of City Services, where he used his pull to keep the police in check and to allow movie houses to break the by-laws.

And then there was this fatal Laurier Palace Fire. Read Milk and Water also on Amazon kindle in ebook form.