Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's in a Title: Amazon Kindle

If you enter my name Dorothy Nixon into books Milk and Water comes up first. (At least for today.)

The next book  is about Watergate and the third book is about Dixie Bohemia, the 20's in New Orleans which, frankly, sounds interesting and is thematically linked to my story. Available in Kindle format but for 15 dollars.Many self-published books are free or CHEAP. I am wondering if 4.99 is too much for my story. But HEY I'm a pro and this is a highly researched book!

 (Who will buy the cow if you give the Milk away for FREE?)

I have already figured out that you need a subtitle on Amazon.. So I edited my entry to read Milk and Water: a 20th century urban dialogue. That's pretty enigmatic, I know.  I hope it works.

I mean, Milk and Water is not a novel or a play, it's something in between. How to describe the book then?

The title Milk and Water is perfect I think...Considering my story takes place in the time of  a typhoid epidemic, maybe caused by water, maybe caused by milk and because the two main characters are a Quebec Anglo and a Quebec Franco, sort of different, sort of the same. Neither particularly  dynamic, just ordinary middle class men. More alike than you'd suppose.

But on Amazon, if you enter Milk and Water, the book comes up among COOK BOOKS and books on Food and books on Healthy Eating although my categories are HISTORY, Canadian and DRAMA Canadian.

So it goes.

(Actually, another theme-related book Water: the Epic struggle for wealth power and civilization (good subtitle) also comes up. I saw the author Stephen Solomon on Jon Stewart and wanted to buy the book was didn't as (at the time) the Kindle version cost more in Canada than in the US. So I got mad.)

The Milk and Water story is obliquely related to  healthy eating, as it is a discussion about the right of citizens to have clean fresh water...

 But someone looking to lose weight quick  is not going to want to analyze the politics behind municipal water supply and US Prohibition.

I also made the blurb more specific, mentioning the Laurier Palace Fire and the Montreal Water and Power scandals.

I couldn't add glowing testimonials, although a top scholar and expert in the field described Milk and Water as ...un bel effort de reconstitution historique. So I know I got the History right.

And I left out the explosive evidence (innuendo)  I have about the infamous, game-changing, Laurier Palace Fire.

That a police constable who HATED my grandfather testified at the 1926 Coderre Inquiry "there is going to be a catastrophe."with respect to dangerous motion picture houses. HMMM.

This constable was the person who testified that my grandfather forced the police to turn the other cheek when when motion picture houses admitted under age  patrons.

But even before the Inquiry was over, this constable was fired by my grandfather, for bribing his boss to get his brother in law a liquor license. (He must have been peeved.. but peeved enough to YOU KNOW WHAT in January 1927?___)

And even more suspicious, this highly incriminating 1926 testimony (written up in the newspapers) was never once brought up in 1930 by Camillien Houde, when he took down my grandfather, forcing him to resign. (At least outwardly.)

My grandfather supposedly was guilty only of letting the Montreal Water and Power sale go through. NONSENSE!