Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anna Karenina, Production Design and My dining room table documentary

Yesterday happily I saw a promo for Parade's End on HBO and set my timer. I recently heard a BBC Radio 4 dramatization of it and I have wanted to see this British mini-series.

A mini-series which features a Suffragette! A real one. The kind they had in Britain but not here in Canada. Our suffragists were reasonable...They handed out literature... They were reformer style and they kept the suffrage movement closed to wackos, would be militants.

Yesterday, online, I also saw a bit about the Oscars snubbing Anna Karenina in the production design department giving the Oscar to Lincoln. The writer of the piece said Anna Karenina perplexed people, but she thought the costumes were the prettiest ever in film. (I think it won for best costume design, did it not?)

I liked Anna Karenina. Tom Stoppard penned the screenplay as he did the teleplay for Parade's End. I must like Tom Stoppard: Shakespeare in Love is one of my favorite movies ever.

I love Anna Karenina the book but find both earlier movie versions unwatchable. This Joe Wright Anna Karenina I could watch and watch and watch. It's weird no doubt but I like weird. I found Lincoln kind of unwatchable, largely for the production design. Yes, it was true to the period, but I don't want to see the world through dim candlelight.

That's why I am creating these Dining Room Table documentaries.

Here's one I just posted on YouTube... (first draft).. It's about 1910 Canada and the Movement for Rural Education.. a topic most people would find boring. My story Threshold Girl is a narrative prose version of the story of Canada in 1910.