Thursday, February 21, 2013


My cat,Foo Foo, must know something. He's started to lie at the picture window, looking out.  And it's snowing more than ever.

It's the 21st of February and the forecasts say that the cold weather is over - and the daytime highs are going to hover around 0 Celsius for the rest of the month, but that can mean a lot of snow here in Quebec, and many bleak overcast days and very crappy driving conditions.

But the cat doesn't care because he doesn't drive and he can 'smell spring'. 

He's a 100 percent indoor cat in the winter  and a good 90 percent outdoor cat in the summer. The day it first snows in say, late October, he retreats indoors for months of rest and over-eating, a feline form of hibernation. 

And now he can smell spring. There's hope for everyone. Even little old self-styled shut-in me.

Well maybe I'm giving Foo Foo  too much credit. Maybe there's some 'action' out there, squirrel action that's caught his attention. Certainly no bird action yet. 

But we humans tend to project onto our animals, don't we?  I had a neighbour who trusted her Lab's instincts when it came to people. If he growled at someone she assumed the person was a baddie and if he liked someone, she assumed the person was nice. It never occurred to her that the dog was just reading her feelings and acting them out for her.

Foo Foo is my familiar. He is reading my feelings right now. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING. But first comes the big snow.

And I console myself, not by sitting at the window in hope of seeing black and grey rodents chasing their tails around the yard in a pre-Primaveran frenzy, but by playing slideshows on my TV of places where I'd prefer to be, mostly in New York City and California.

 Here's a building off Central Park. (If I didn't have so many dogs and cats to take care of, I could take a weekend in New York City.)

Oh, I do have something to do. I have to write the Great Canadian Story, about three young Montreal women during the WWI Conscription Crisis. Right now I am listening to a 10 part BBC Radio 4 story, Brothers and Strangers, by C.P.Snow to get in the mood to write GOOD STUFF.

I like this serial very much. I read the novel Masters years ago but not the other stories in the series. Funny, I read the Masters but didn't bother to learn from it. It's all about what you have to do to get ahead in this Darwinian life, isn't it?

So now I am writing Sister Salvation (I just decided on this title) the follow up to Threshold Girl and Diary of a Spinster (and the prequel to Milk and Water about Montreal in 1927.)

Here's my video 'promo' for Diary of a Confirmed Spinster about the 1910 Rossmore Hotel Fire.