Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reciprocal Royal Affairs

Queen Alexandra of Denmark and England, Edward VII's wife. (Wikipedia pic. public domain.)

Maybe I should say Pubic domain. That's a typo you try not to make when you work in Public Relations and are writing your C.V.

I write it here, because her hubby, Edward the Peacemaker, was a bit of a pig and had a chair made for himself so he could have sex with two or more prostitutes at the same time (I guess without hurting his back).

I saw a picture of it on the web. It doesn't look like much. A leather saddle-style stool with sturdy metal legs (with Art Nouveau Flourishes) and two long handles to hold on to.

Kronberg Castle Window. I took this pic in 2006, when I visited the UK and Denmark in November and both places were a bit dreary.

I write about this because my stories Threshold Girl and Diary of a Confirmed Spinster take place in the Edwardian Era, so I've done a lot of research on important things. The chair is incidental.

My promo for Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, featuring Edward VII's death in 1910.

And because today is the Academy Awards. I haven't seen all the nominated movies, but I did see A Royal Affair from Denmark a few days ago.

A Royal Affair won't win best Foreign Film, because Amour is supposed to be something of a masterpiece, perhaps the REAL best picture of the year.

A Royal Affair is supposedly based on a true story and certainly plays like the movie Duchess with Kiera Knightly (a movie I like because it is girly).

A Royal Affair is about a young  British noblewoman who is married off to the Danish King who is an idiot, so she has an affair with his brainy, brawny adviser.  Because she is brainy and beautiful and how could it not happen?

 Apparently, this is the story of Princess Caroline and King Christian VII. King is Kong in Danish (that became apparent to me as I watched the movie) so King Kong is King King.

Anyway, so eventually Alexandra, a Danish Princess got married off to a Royal Prince, heir to the throne and from what it appears, her life was pretty awful, but did she have affairs?

Apparently, Edward was the person who set the social standard in England, where rich women could have affairs, once they'd produced an heir and a spare.

A Royal Affair is a Danish, Swedish, Czech production and is filmed in Prague which is a beautiful city and not in those large smelly castles in Denmark.

 The hallway of paintings at Kronberg.

Statue of Edward VII at Phillip's Square in Montreal.