Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Bunnies, Cocaine and Condos

The Easter Bunny was conducting a photo op on my porch in preparation for the Big Event next week.

Despite the snowy landscape, that ain't going away any time soon, she promised to bring me that giant Laura Secord egg I always get, the sickeningly-sweet one with 40 grams of sugar.

I recently wrote about a mother I met at Costco who was afraid to purchase a certain 'healthy' cereal because it contained too much sugar - and her children would get mad at her.

You see, they were picking up health tips at school.

I wonder what these kids have on for Easter. A toothbrush and floss hunt no doubt.

I loved Easter Egg hunts. It was, after all, a ritual, a symbolic ritual, a watered-down rite of Spring for a consumer-age, but hey.

In those days, the 60's, we didn't devour sugar 24/7 like today. And all those dazzling colours. Although I did eat my share of candy, lick-a-maid, toffee, caramels  purchased from the little man behind the counter at the Decarie Handy Store.

And candy bars weren't those tiny little things that they are today.

Anyway, as I tweeted on my brand new Twitter Account (No Benedict Cumberbatch has not replied to my FOLLOW) sugar has been much in the news lately.

A Salon article yesterday. The day before that a Guardian article. And a week or so before that a CBC article.

It's called Big Sugar now. Like Big Oil and Big Bang.

I can see what the Right Wingers are saying. First they take our guns and now our Twinkies. (Or did the Economic Downturn, the Banksters, take them first?)

Anyway, last night I went to the movie theatre to watch PEOPLE by Alan Bennett, a National Theatre Live Presentation.

Fun stuff. And this play mentioned the connection between sugar and slaves. It has never been a sweet and gentle product, after all.

But now to learn that it is as bad as Cocaine, says a doctor in the Guardian article. And cocaine has a definite upside, (I'm told).

Redpath Sugar is the company once run by the husband of Julia Parker Drummond, the Social Activist who figures in my story Threshold Girl. She was President of the Montreal Council of Women.

They took the 'fun' ingredients out of Coca-Cola in the very early 1900's, so the marketers had to come up with something else.

The Redpath Sugar Factory is now a condo. An apartment inside is selling for 2 and a half million.

From Factory to Fabulous. (That was a tagline of some other place, in Perth I think. But it goes for here too.) It can't be From Sweatshop to Sensational (I made that up) because apparently Mr. Redpath tested the working conditions on his own grandchildren before it opened.

The Redpath people have a photostream on Flicker.

Anyway, that Laura Secord egg will surely arrive next week. My husband puts it on the mantelpiece. (His family didn`t have Easter Egg Hunts. They got their chocolate in a shoe at the bedroom door, for some ridiculous reason. Maybe they were Anti-Pagan.)
I won`t eat it. I am on a no-carb weight-loss diet (except for oatmeal) and it is working. I am not hungry at all. After a week.
I guess for me sugar is like a drug and I have to go Cold Turkey.
What  a BORING diet, though.  I have almost lost my love of food. I intend to revive it when the snow is all gone.