Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hippy Delusions and Ancient Grains in French

My 20 dollar haul from Bulk Barn, wheat germ, Scottish oats, spelt spaghetti and millet.

Far be it for me to poop on the Easter Bunny, that dentine-detesting harbinger of Spring.

But hey. This morning, I drove  to the nearest  Bulk Barn , hoping that their spelt spaghetti was less expensive than at my local 'health food' store, and I couldn't find the spelt for all the bins of colourful confections and candy.

Seems to me, Bulk Barn is 90 percent candy. Should be called the Diabetes Den, instead.

And the place was crawling with parents and kids buying candy.

But it is Easter Saturday. So give them a break.

As a child I would have gone Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs in that same store.  My father would have found a way not to buy me much and it wasn't because he was against candy, he just hated spending money.

I loved candy as a child (surprise!) and I have the mouth to prove it. Not one of my teeth doesn't have a cavity in it.

But things are different today, right? With all those bestselling books by M.D.s warning us that sugar is as bad as cocaine (or maybe worse) for us and our kids. (Is it worse than the lead I breathed in every day of my child-hood in the city?)

What a schitzophrenic store that Bulk Barn, with its oats and grains and vitamins and then the candy. Aisle upon aisle of sugary treats and typically for this day and age the candy is cheap and  the grains outrageously expensive - I think.

Gee, I thought buying in bulk meant big savings..:) Hippyesque delusion, apparently.

Ah modern consumerism!

And although here in Quebec BULK BARN keeps it public street-front face in English, all the products in this store were labeled in French only.

I've read my Zola, I know the French words for rye and corn and wheat... but for spelt? (Epeutre or something.) I just learned the word spelt (in English) a few years ago. Cut me some slack!

And the labels are all in tiny fonts, so even with my glasses on I had to lean forward and squint.  Now I am guessing it is not kids with their 20-20 vision buying these trendy whole grain foodstuffs.

The good news: I felt terrific today. I had a spring in my step. The no-wheat almost Perricone diet must be working!

The other good news: the climate  is Spring-like outside, despite the foot or more of snow remaining in my yard. I can sit on the concrete patch directly in front of my house against the pink brick facade and actually burn up in the sun as el Sol radiates against the bricks... and watch the snow sslloooooooowly  melt, or, more precisely, evaporate into the crisp clean air.

I took my computer out around noon and listened  to the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week, (a good one titled How to Get Filthy Rich in a Rising Asia) and enjoyed life again, that is until the neighbours (on both sides) got out their buzz saws. Very annoying. Very loud.

For men the first nice Saturday in Spring means something altogether different, I guess.