Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Picked a Lemon in the Garden of Love

We all have 'our thing'. This is my thing, or more to the point, WAS my thing as a tweenager.

Glimmerick make-up by Yardley. In shades that resembled nothing found in nature, although Yardley's 1960's advertising was all about transforming us Tweenagers into Earth Goddesses.

The design of this lipstick still evokes a 'yearning' feeling within me.

It's all very complex.

Oddly, lipstick is kind of phallic, isn't it. I do believe, in the 1910's, when women put on "rouge de theatre" the product came in vials.

Who invented the lipstick applicator?

Anyway, part of the yearning was that I had no money of my own and couldn't afford any lipstick, or the other enticing Yardley products.

I certainly bought a few lipsticks here and there and even this eye  shadow. Like a little paint box.

This stuff really was aimed at girls, wasn't it? Why else was Twiggy the face of 1968.

Yesterday, for a 'pick-me-up from the past' I went on YouTube and looked at some 60's ads, for Yardley and for Love Cosmetics.

Remember them?

I can still invoke the aroma of this product.It was subtle, light. Fresh.  Quite nice.  The aroma was all about cleanliness - but with youthful cheekiness. Lucky "fresh" has two meanings. (The TV ads suggested as much. "I picked a lemon in the garden of Love"...that's the line, really! ) A tarty little twist on the  Purity Movement of 1910...

These Love products were really expensive, so they were fantasy products as far as I was concerned, as unattainable as the Captain of the High School Basketball team, a picture of whom I kept under my pillow.

Time Magazine published an article on this new product, suggesting the containers were suspiciously shaped.

But when I was in my 20's my mother worked for Smith, Kline French and Sons and she could get all the love I wanted. But I was no longer interested.

Funny, a product isn't the same when you can actually have ALL YOU WANT. Sort of like, you know...

Herbal Essences shampoo too. The aroma of that product has a Rite of Passage dimension for me.  All those ads..

The original Herbal Essences.  I mean, it smelled a bit like grass, really.

Herbal Essences Shampoo: That I could afford. Garden of Earthly Delights. WHAT WERE THEY GETTING AT? Can't imagine...