Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Money at All but Rich in Friends.

Letter from London, summer 1928.

It's hard to get down to work with all this horrible weather news! They were predicting a cold spell for right now and then a warm spell with the temperatures reaching 11 degrees, meaning all the snow would melt and this morning, the warm spell has become a freezing spell, with temperatures hardly making it to 0 until the end of the month and some nighttime lows reaching minus 14.

How can the weather prediction go from 'very warm' to 'very cold'?

It's too depressing.

And here I am having to get to work.

So when it doubt, putter. And I'm puttering through Edith Nicholson's 1920's letters... I'm looking for names, names of people of influence in Montreal.

1927 letter about a McGill recital and Miss Carrie Derick (Prof) Edith writes in brackets.

I found that letter with a bit about Professor Derick, and mention of Miss Brittain, either Isabel or Mabel, but the Brittains were influential, spinster teachers. Mabel was on the board of the Montreal Suffrage Assocation with Derick. She liked to put on plays.

And there was mention of Miss Hurlbatt, RVC warden and her illness.

And a mention of visiting a Mrs. Campbell, who had been asked to take the President of the Montreal Women's Club. She was thinking about it.

Edith Nicholson knew all the influential women of Montreal. As she writes in another 1927 letter, as her brother in law in dying and a notary from Richmond is helping them out.. "We may have no money but we are rich in friends. These women had no money but they sure had a lot of contacts in the world.