Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Man's Crime....

Salon gave a rave review to a new Sundance Channel mini-series, Top of the Lake,  a story by Jane Campion with Holly Hunter and Elizabeth Moss (SOOOOO up my alley even though I am not HUGE into crime shows) so I asked my husband to subscribe to the Sundance Channel only to see that it wasn't on.

There are two Sundance Channels, one for the Americans and one for us.


This morning I checked and yes, it might be playing here on SPACE. So that channel doesn't only play ALL Star Trek All The Time.

We have that one, you see. Star Trek!

Apparently, and I might be wrong, the Space channel has been promoting this mini-series but with no indication when it will be played.

My husband thinks this is because in Canada cable stations buy up properties and shelve them, just so the other channels can't get them and only decide to play them if they are popular.

What bullshit, eh?

Kind of Evil.  Kind of a crime. But just a legal loophole and a good way to do business, apparently. (That's what Milk and Water is all about, the RELATIVE nature of crime.)

But, as I said, I have no idea if this is the case for this Top of the Lake.

Anyway, last night in bed I decided to make this promo for my Amazon Kindle Book Milk and Water and got up and made it. I read the first scene.

David the Prince of Wales in 1927, with Mederic Martin decked out in his purple sable trimmed robe.

That screeching opening is a laptop audio of a laptop audio of a screechy song I found on YouTube...

Hello Montreal. A song from 1927 about American Prohibition and the lack of it in Montreal. All about crime really, except one group's 'crime' is another group's way of operating.

I just did one read-through and although I start off sounding half asleep, it gets better.

I think the opening of my Milk and Water eplay (dialogue) is a good one.

I'm a writer, not an announcer.

Way back when, when I wrote radio copy for CFCF Radio, many of the other copywriters were also voice talent, but I got to use my voice in an radio advertisement only once, and I played a little girl's part. I haven't seen all the Mad Men's despite really liking the ones I did watch.

The Elizabeth Moss character reminded me of ME, trying to break into advertising as a writer (I think she manages it.) I got depressed!

I used this shot of the front doors of City Hall, I took a few weeks ago, a day or so before the place got raided!! La plus ca change.