Friday, March 8, 2013

SAD Syndrome and Lake Placid and the Stock Market

The view I wanted (well, with March snow) Lake Placid.

Library archives are dreary places to hang out, but this awful dreary spring it's 'six of one half a dozen of the other,' a line I have a character use a lot in my story Milk and Water, about corruption in Montreal in 1927.

In my story that line (spoken by a businessman) signifies moral ambiguity.

In my life it signifies our AWFUL Spring here in Montreal.

I don't mind spending next week in library archives, because the outdoors, this March, is no better that a dark little room. It's just a dark cold big room.

So, I'm going to hunker down in the National Archives on Monday and the McGill archives the next two days.

All in pursuit of more info on the suffragists of Montreal....The McGill Archives people have pulled out all kinds of boxes for me they said. (They are very nice.)

I've been watching the 14 day weather predictions on and this behavior is no better for your mental health than watching the stock market go up and down.

In fact, the weather reports are the stock market reports for poor people, or people with SAD, as I tend to have this time of year.

A relation asked my husband to drive him to Rouse's Point on Thursday, so my husband and I decided it would be nice to spend a night in a fine hotel. (He knows I'm depressed.) We picked the Crowne Plaza in Lake Placid N.Y. and I chose a King Size Suite with view and jacuzzi for about day of luxury.  The weather reports said there would be a downward spike in temperature that day, so the jacuzzi would be welcome.

Well, there's going to be a major snowstorm, it seems on the Thursday.

A major snowfall of  20-30 centimeters. If that's not depressing enough, the last day to cancel my reservation or lose the entire 200 dollars was Yesterday at 5 pm.

So now I was even more depressed. I threw 200 dollars down the tube.

So I started to write the Crowne Plaza  a nasty email, saying that their cancellation policy was not fair.. not for a day's stay.. Blah blah. They should at least let me change the day of my stay.. blah blah. This bleak weather can make you ornery.

And then, with a blast of insight, I decided to phone the reservation desk and see if they'd let me cancel anyway. And of course they did. Sans probleme.

They are not THE BANK after all, they are in hospitality.

So never mind my pissedoffedness. It's just the weather.

And it is going to be sunny on the weekend. SUN.  Always good to look on the bright side of life, literally, not figuratively.