Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blooming in the Dark

Finally it was warm enough in Montreal for my husband and me to roll out our two Magnolia trees from the garage.

I had been feeling sorry for my leafy babies,sequestered  in that dark and freezing place all winter long until  mid-April. (Almost as sorry for them as I feel for myself.)

But what do you know? One of the trees has already begun to bloom. What an optimistic tree!

More optimistic than me, that's for sure. I do not BLOOM IN THE DARK.

About a month ago, after one of our late snowfalls, in one of my funks I complained to my husband 'The snow won't be gone for your birthday."

His birthday is the 24th of April.

Well, it's the 17th and the snow is almost gone from our garden, north and south side.  So I was clearly wrong.

Snow can be like that. It lingers and lingers and then POOF, it's all gone.

(That happens when the nightly low reaches 0 Celsius, freezing point.)

And it happens every year, and yet I expend my limited Seasonal Affect Disorder diminished energy complaining - expecting the worse.

Eternal winter. Deep snow cover in July or something.

Of course, in Montreal, it's a fact, ALL the snow doesn't go away until late summer.

That's because in winter they pile it into huge  mountains in certain out of the way places, usually by the side of the Trans Canada, where said mountains get covered in inky soot and probably would stay all year (despite the 90 degree heat) except for the little front loaders that come along and break up the piles so that they finally melt by mid August.

Anyway, yesterday I felt the stir of that once abundant but now rather elusive life-force called creative energy and I now know I will get to my story, Sister Salvation and the Montreal Suffragists and their iffy connection with the Canadian Conscription Crisis. (The follow up to Threshold Girl and Diary of a Confirmed Spinster.)

And, sometime soon, (this week?) I'll look out the window and take in a deep lungful of the musky odor of mildewing maple leaves (hubby didn't rake in the Fall) and once again, lament the fact that I didn't bother to plant any tulip bulbs in the front garden in the fall.

Tulips, my favorite flower, because, well, they bloom in early spring.

But this year, I've used the ugly March well. I went on a diet, a Perricone GI style regime, and after a month of effortless dieting , it's working. Why wouldn't it?  It's only natural. Although, no question, fat melts more slowly than snow.

And I don't ache any place on my body (except for one knee) either. That's a big bonus. (And I've discovered the Joy of Barley as well.)

 Things to do while waiting for spring:

1) Buy junk at discount stores. This is an Absolutely Pure Milk bottle. (1910, the era I write about, was the era of Tainted Milk, so many dairy companies gave themselves a name with the word PURE in it. The most famous of these is the Guaranteed Pure Milk Company that erected a giant milk bottle in South Central Montreal that still stands. The bottle has lately been restored and designated a heritage site.)

2) Decorate a wall. This cherry red I really like. The wall used to be painted a dark mustard which I hated 

3) and, of course, go on a diet.

When you are 58, you diet for your health rather than for your appearance. I mean, who gives a damn what I look like? Except Me Myself and I.

And I want to look good in that red crepe shift I want to buy for my son's upcoming July wedding.

My future daughter in law is going to plaster the Net with the wedding photos, no doubt. How about this one, Victoria Beckham style?