Friday, April 26, 2013

Can you have a Romance Novel with No Sex?

I really have no choice. No choice but to leave the sex out.

Diary of a Confirmed Spinster  is a true story about a young Edwardian Woman in Canada, who loses her Great Love in a fire in Cornwall, the infamous Rossmore Hotel Fire in 1910.

A Middle Class Edwardian Woman: A Presbyterian. SO....NO SEX!

I am reading a book about the Edwardian Era in England which claims that Sexual Repression in Edwardian Times was very effective.

In earlier centuries, half the women getting married were already pregnant, but this statistic was greatly reduced in Edwardian Times.

And the Edwardian Middle Class was the most repressed of all.... The Upper Class broke the rules (using the lascivious King as a role-model: he had a special chair made so he could enjoy the services of three women at a time) and the Lower Classes, well, they always did what they have to do to survive.

Hence all those Prostitutes and the Social Evil.

Anyway, if a movie were to be made of Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, starring Ryan Gosling, of course, since he's a native of Cornwall, I would have to put some sex. But then again, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice does fine without it. Chick Lit. Gotta Love it.

Here's a link to the e-book Diary of a Confirmed Spinster on