Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dollar Stores, Cubists and Window Dressing

My cousin in Farnborough England re-tweeted an image of a snowman lying on his back on a wooden porch with a number of knives impaling him. As you can see, I have enough soggy snow in my yard to make a huge snowman and stick a few steak knives into his noggin,cover him in ketchup,  to make the same satirical comment on how I am feeling right now.  DIE WINTER DIE. 

But why re-invent the wheel?

I'm working on my Matisse window instead. I hit the dollar store yesterday to buy cheap paints (they claimed to be non-toxic, but hey, it is the dollar store).

I just read dollar stores are doing great business, what with the economy, but I wouldn't buy anything that needs to actually work at a dollar store, or anything that might find its way into a kid's mouth.

Remember when Dollar Store meant just that: EVERYTHING COSTS ONE DOLLAR?  Well, the chain of dollar stores near Montreal, all owned by the same company, has EVERYTHING A DOLLAR AND UP on its store-front sign. By that measure, a grocery store is a DOLLAR STORE and so are plenty of other stores, even the high-end haberdashers.

I placed this rococo vase with a sea shell. They go together nicely, I think.

Crayon is all that sticks to vinyl.  Feminists say modern advertising divides women up into body parts, but didn't the Cubists start the trend, reflecting a truth in society. Chicken and egg, I guess. Or is Blue Nude a Male?

Child's play, Making Matisse.