Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inverted Anachronisms and Beautiful Blue Eyed Actresses

A beautiful sunset a couple of nights ago. But the SNOW. Yak!

My Matisse windows. Well, I found you can't print inkjet on vinyl. But there's an outline now I might be able to paint over. Paint by numbers Matisse. Not a bad way to spend your off time. 

I am watching the X-Files on Netflix. (I just can't get to work, what with this cold, dull weather.)

 I'm trying to forget that the weather reports say there's gonna be 10 centimeters of snow in the Montreal area  on Friday.

Well, Toronto is getting it too, it seems, so there is some consolation.

Jose Chung's from Outer Space. I scrolled through the episodes and this title stood out, for good reason.

It's a goodie.

The episode has Charles Nelson Reilly playing a Truman Capote type writer, investigating a paranormal episode.

It's all tongue and cheek. Bleepity, bleep beep. (Just saw Alex Trebek!)  After I will watch Small Potatoes, another episode I really liked. Oh, Mulder just mentioned 'the military industrial entertainment complex. ' I loved that line when I first heard it. Of course 30-Rock was all about that!

The X-Files is not dated, probably because that show influenced so many subsequent television shows.

My big screen TV makes it quite evident that Gillian Anderson is very beautiful.

Well, one aspect is dated. Those huge cell-phones. Scully and Mulder sometimes have to hustle to find a land-line phone and yet they look so 2010.  It's like some kind of inverted anachronism.

I think I saw that the UK TV show Sherlock won some kind of Shorty Award,  I'm guessing for the savvy way that show integrates technology into the plot.

I also saw this bit from the Shorty's airing, at 13 minutes or so, a skit with Seth Green and the Curiosity Rover.


I've written on this blog how it is my cousin Veronica who first used social media one holiday weekend a few years ago, to get people invested in the Mars Mission and the Rover

She effectively anthropomorphised the machine.

She gave the Rover a personality and I guess this skit is a kind of culmination. She's sassy, Curiosity, that's for sure. In this skit anyway.

Veronica is Montreal-born. Too bad she didn't stay: Canada's muzzled scientists could sure use some expert PR.