Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Matisse Make-over

A Corel version of a Famous Painting - I'm thinking of putting it on my window.

My husband's painting of a wall.

Now that I've changed the complexion of my house by having my husband paint the main entrance wall cherry red, I need to find something to dress the three windows on the left. They look kinda naked.

 I had a bit of that fake stained glass contact paper on the top of the three windows, bought at a decor store, but the colours of it clashed with the red of the wall so I peeled it off.

I then decided  that a nice medieval or Renaissance pattern would do to replace what I had there before, so I checked out what I could find on the Internet in the way of Medieval vinyl window appliques. As it happens, not much. 

And then I thought, gee, why don't I just print out a pattern myself, by using transparent contact paper and my ink jet printer?  Not that it will save me money, if you consider the cost of ink jet INK. Ouch! (I wonder if that will work.)

If I print out the design myself, I thought,  I can use ANY pattern I find on the Internet. A REAL Medieval pattern, perhaps, right off an ancient church window. 

And then I thought of that Matisse church in France. 

How I love the windows there. And then I thought, I can take a Matisse print and turn it into stained glass on my Corel Photo Program.

So I downloaded one of the great artist's more famous images and fiddled with it in Corel. Alas, that program doesn't have a stained glass 'effect', but it has a lot of other ones.

This last one is using 'negative.' Well, the sky really is the limit now for me and my Matisse dreams.

On another note, I found a 'sister' of my art nouveau vase on eBay, for sale in Australia.  (I am taking the image, I hope the seller doesn't mind.) Finally! I've been looking for years.

 And here's my vase that I keep on my mantelpiece. There's another similar vase with another girl too.

My girl's hair is strawberry blond with highlights and it stops at her forehead. The rest of the hair pattern looks like a halo.

Interesting study, I think, from the Thomas Forester Ceramic works in Stoke on Trent. I think my vase was fired more times than the one above...4 times, a expert told me.

 I read in his bio that Renoir started out painting ceramics. I think Picasso did some of that too.