Monday, April 22, 2013

Perricone, Magnolias and Angel-eyed Girls

There's a lot of frost on the Malibu ths morning...and the two blooms on the magnolia tree are looking the worse for wear.  I hope the trees don't die, they cost me 200 a few years ago and I've managed to keep them alive for three years!

I went to the local health food store, which is attached to the local grocery store and owned by the same people and bought some spelt bread and some flour to make my own.  The ready-made bread is 6.00 a loaf.

This Perricone style diet is really working!

 Except in the vestibule there was a hoard of adorable angel-eyed little girls (and their mothers) selling girl scout cookies, 500 a box and I happened to have a fiver in my purse.

So, of course, I bought them. (I recall a friend telling me HOW EASY it was to sell girl-guide cookies (door to door in those days.. and likely without Mom watching)...

These cookies used to be delicious (and weren't they Maple Flavored) but I can see they are merely sugar and additives now.

YUM. I am letting my husband eat them. He is calorie-starved, because he is eating a diet similar to mine because I cook the meals....I tell him "Eat more, then!" but the truth is this diet, with its oats and barley and quinoa and black rice, and lentils and beans and veggies and fruits, really fills you up! So you don't want to eat more, so that's why I am losing my belly-fat.

There are the blooms..