Thursday, April 4, 2013

Poncy Kings and Spring Delayed

You went the wrong way, old King Louie.
The Gazette is reporting that we Canadians may very soon be hit with a 10 percent surcharge on all of our credit card purchases. I am reading Hillary Mantel's book about the French Revolution and it has such a FAMILIAR feel. Now I know why. 
And we peasants don't have some poncy king 'in pink satin pants' upon which to take out our frustrations.... as Alan Sherman described him. (Too busy watching Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey, anyway.)
I don't know what makes me madder, news like this from Your Friendly Corner Bankster (a nameless Darth Vader-like character who hides behind the smiling female faces at your BANK or on TV spouting PR drivel telling you YOUR ARE RICHER THAN YOU THINK, when it is not true for at least 90 percent of us) or the weather channel, that is telling me it will remain cold until at least next week with wet snow. 
Or the headlines in the Daily Mail about impending Nuclear World War III.
Toss Up, I guess.