Thursday, April 11, 2013

That's Sixties Style and Creative Energy

Montreal in the 1960's. Ugly brown buses and neon autos with wide side fins. 

That's 60's style. Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York of Bewitched! (She wears the same dress in the next episode, so they didn't allow her to have a 'fantasy' wardrobe.

Gee, I'm still waiting for my muse. I need him to get me back on track writing my next book (or play) Sister Salvation about the Montreal Suffragists and their meddling in the 1917 Conscription Crisis.

A good story and I've done the research.. and lots of people say they think this is a great topic, an untold bit of Herstory, too.

Not one of Canada's Foundation Myths, that's for sure.

But my Muse, where is he?  He's Sol, the Sun and he's been stingy with his favours this Spring.

They say it's going to snow tomorrow!

Yesterday, I channel zapped through what Netflix has to offer, trying to find some other inspiration. Netflix in Canada does not have the choice it has in the US but that is to be expected. We Canadians spend 100000 times more than Americans for our Internet Services and get next to nothing back.

I started to watch a 'foreign' film about Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky (I really liked the other Chanel movie that was made lately). This film  was OK, featuring that moody Danish hunk who played in the recent A Royal Affair and some awfully life-like sex scenes (!) but I got bored and ended up watching a 1967 episode of Bewitched.

I tend to go back to 1967, the year of Expo67 and my play Looking for Mrs. Peel, when in need of inspiration. I was 12 back then, plunk in the middle of adolescence, full of repressed energy... and what is creativity but energy from one primal source diverted somewhere else?

Two sculptures at Expo67. I think I got my love of art from Expo, those 6 months and 50 visits. I was 12 and 12 is a very impressionable age. Montreal was a bit of a cultural wasteland back then, famous more for its nightlife...jazz scene etc. of which I was too young to partake.  Too bad I didn't grow up in Paris or Florence or in Laguna Beach, like my cousin, because that place was an artist's colony back then, she says.

Back then there was no Internet, of course, and just a 7 channel universe: three American channels, NBC,CBS, ABC, 2 English Canadian channels,CFCF and CBMT,  2 French Canadian channels... and radio, with some stations and dj's catering to teens.

I have a sound check of 1968 I put on YouTube with some video I created.

Dig the Chargex advertisement! It was just the beginning of credit card mania back then. Listen to the sound check and see how they smoothly reeled us all in and now, what? 19% interest. Soon a chargex application will come with your pregnancy test (for your embryo).

Listening to the radio in 1968 in Montreal.

Anyway, I watched two episodes of Bewitched, and now, after all this time, realize that Dick York was a very funny man. I watched the episode where he is turned into an Italian...Of course he was the goof to Montgomery's straight man (and boy she had a lot of different 'reaction' faces.)

Dick York soon left the show due to illness.

And then there is Agnes Moorehead of the Actor's Studio I think. (My mother likely told me that back then.)  In 1967  I thought she was the oldest thing going, but I can see now that under her thick eyeliner she was youngish and very good-looking.

Agnes Moorehead. Gigi stageplay, it think.