Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wild Turkey Tale, Viral Video that never was..

 I took this picture of my summer cat Fou Fou (right) having a standoff with the neighbours'  'rough' outdoor cats on the left. I shooed them away, the feral feline (bottom left) ran away to his home like a scaredy cat, but the cat from across the street looked me defiantly in the eye and refused to move. As it turns out, the other more 'timid'cat has major guts too.)

When we bought our house here in the boonies, we were thrilled it had a fenced in yard. That's because we had a dog.

Our kids were in their tweens.

Since they we have bought another dog, adopted yet another and lost the first dog to old age. And our kids have grown.

Our yard, in the winter is used as a giant canine toilet.

A few years later we heard that there were Fishers in the area, vicious weasels that attack and kill cats in the wink of an eye.. And I can hear coyotes everywhere at night, howling.  (I used to think they were dogs.. but I also used to think the animals flying around at night were birds. City Girl.) So I'm glad for the fence.

And the warm weather had made deer a danger on the roads, for many years now. And you never know when a deer is going to come crashing through the picture window ;)

We live in an ex-burb, but 45 minutes from the big City, but nature has encroached, or we have encroached on nature. Lately, we have seen turkeys in the fields, in groups or gaggles or packs (or whatever)of five or six. Tall, ugly things.

Wild turkeys are new to the area. Climate change.

Yesterday, apparently, our fence saved us from a pack, a .. a whatever of wild turkeys.

(I thought they'd all been killed off as we had some 25 below C weather this winter.)

A real hunter, the neighbour's cat.

But they almost got the neighbour's cat.

It's a feral cat that the neighbours feed and shelter under their porch (one that has worked its way into the house on cold cold days) and yesterday, seeing the turkeys in the yard, it jumped one of them, on its back.

The feathers flew, apparently, and strangely the other turkeys in the troop, or flock (or whatever) came to their pal's defense and the woman of the house had to save her wild kitty from the wild turkeys.

My husband told me these turkeys have a claw on the back of their feet that they use to slice open their attackers so maybe she was lucky too.

Now, my cat Fou Fou, the handsome blond in the picture above from last August, would never attack a turkey although in summer  he is a hunter of small birds. (We try to keep him for doing this.)

 He won't even eat cooked turkey, preferring white fish. And not all white fish, haddock, not sole or tilapia. He won't even eat half the flavours of the ridiculous over-priced cat food we serve him up.

 He  refused to even try catch the mouse that was in our kitchen  in September.

But my stupid Boston Terrier Bullwinkle might  have run after the feisty fowl. He goes berzerker sometimes when there are intruders in the yard, intruders like the neighbour's cat.

There's a viral YouTube video that never was....