Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Space Oddity and Some Good News (For a change)

I subscribed to Hadfield's YouTube feed. Better late than never. I had already subscribed to his Twitter feed, and was worried about the ammonia leak.

Yesterday I was feeling kind of depressed, (my blog post was all about the bleak news stories airing in the past few days, especially about the too gruesome Cleveland kidnappings )but then I went to my Facebook and saw that my cousin, Veronica, who just happens to work in PR for NASA (or JPL) the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, posted the Chris Hadfield YouTube video of A Space Oddity.

So I went to listen to that and thought WOW.  (It had 2000,000 hits in less than a day, over 6000,000 today.)

So I emailed my husband at work and asked him if he had seen it and he said NO, but he had seen the video the Canuck astronaut (Canuck Cosmonaut sounds better) did with the Bare Naked Ladies guy.

(Before he left for work my husband had  told me to take the CBC news quiz featuring earthly locations Hadfield had tweeted from space.

My husband was proud. He got 7 or 8 or something. I got 6 of 8. I made a mistake, thinking Sault St Marie was Montreal. It looks like it. I thought I saw Vaudreuil where I live.

My husband later that night sent me the link to the BarenakedSong, so I listened to that song, called  ISS, Is Someone Singing, which is very very nice, indeed. Fine lyrics too.

And then Hadfield came back down to Earth and I watched that on NASA TV.

And I'm in a better mood.

The News is not ALL horrible, is it?

As it happens, my cousin Veronica has won a lot of digital media awards lately for her use of Social Media promoting the Mars Missions. (She was born in Montreal.) She used Twitter way back when to humanize the Rover and to get attention during a slow news weekend.

 I'm guessing Hadfield will win next year!

You know, I'm old enough to remember those stunning first-time LIFE Magazine Pictures of "our fragile blue planet' taken from space and they thought back then it would change things, but did it..for the BETTER I mean.

The profoundly melancholic melody of A Space Oddity (which is about a spaceman who will die) seems totally appropriate, even if Hadfield was in no danger and made it home. After all, it's OUR PLANET that is dying.

Something has to change. Soon. Maybe a singing astronaut can kick start this change.

Ah, I'm sounding depressed again.