Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grim Blessings and Glittering Excesses

The Great Gatsby movie is coming out. I think DiCaprio is at just the right age to play the famous Jazz Age character. And I think Toby McGuire is also perfectly cast. I am not so sure about Daisy, Carrie Mulligan, but I like her a lot...

My husband says he will come see it in the movie theatre with me if I go see Star Trek with him.

Star Trek! That movie has Benedict Cumberbatch! I'm already going. With or without him.

And next month I am going to try and watch the play The Audience on the Big Screen at National Theater Live.

Yesterday, Dame Helen Mirren got a lot of press for stopping her performance in mid-stream and going outside and giving a bunch of drummers Hell in colourful 'thespian' terms - as she herself described it.

It was sort of as if  the Queen herself was out on the street swearing and waving her arms like a crazed bag lady... funny! Or a little surreal, I imagine.

And the summer weather is here and all the Canadian news is about unlawful Temporary Workers and such and the Canadian dream of the 20th century swirling down the Chinese-manufactured toilet, like a cup of cold coffee from Timmies mixed in with a few stale chocolate timbits.

Nothing to do but garburate glitzy media and hope for the best. (I saw Dame Diana Rigg on Game of Thrones yesterday. I don't normally watch that show, too violent, but my husband does.)

 (Someone on a message board suggested giving 1 dollar to the Liberals every time you see that Economic Action Plan ad on TV. That's if you can afford it. )

Time to start a World War, I guess. That usually is what happens in times like these, with mass unemployment following stock market crashes.

A Montreal Reverend speaks about WWI. War is a grim but needed blessing. He said the war would usher in good things, like temperance. HA. It ushered in the excesses of the Roaring Twenties.

I also read that Harper is intent on rewriting history. I don't quite know how a government does that except through grants. Case in point:  all the money given a few years back to hype the War of 1812, which, according to BBC Radio 4's  In Our Time, wasn't about Canadians at all.

It was a short of second War of Independence between the US and Britain. A quarrel over embargoes and kidnapped naval officers.

The centenary of WWI is coming up. Will the Government be giving any money for that? Will I be able to cash in with my Suffragette story Sister Salvation about the Montreal Reformer Suffragists and their icky involvement in the Conscription Crisis?

I doubt it.

Sister Salvation is the follow up to Threshold Girl about a college girl in the 1910 era. (Available on Amazon.com). The book is about family life and fashion, but there's a fair bit of economics in it as well.

Life is economics, as we Canadians are all learning right now. Quality of life is all about how the BIG Picture Influences the Little Picture, how the Political influences the Personal.

Our quality of life, well, it's on the decline..These are no Roarin' Twenties...that's for sure.

The butter bill from 1916 belonging to the Nicholsons. The cost kept rising by the month. No wonder Crisco started promoting its shortening in Richmond Quebec in 1916.

A recent article in Salon.com claims that corporations are hard at work figuring out how to cash in on global warming.