Monday, July 6, 2015

All Things are Connected

It's strange. It's peculiar. Or, perhaps, it is just fate.

In March, 1913, when Toronto equal rights Suffragist/ette Flora Macdonald Denison (my favourite suffragette) was having her VERY BAD TIME, in truth, being kicked out as President of  the Canadian Suffrage Association, my grandfather, Jules Crepeau of Montreal City Hall was also in a big fat STEW, accused of taking a bribe and being caught on 'detectaphone'.

I've been poring over the online newspapers for that time and for every article about Flora McD Denison, there's one about my grandfather, the Assistant City Clerk.

And, the weirdest part is, their problems are not entirely unconnected.

I guess I must write about this story. It's written in the cards.

Now, why would a Toronto-based suffrage story and a Montreal City Hall story come together in March 1913?

Well, it's complicated, as they say. Very complicated.

It has to do with an intrepid Montreal crime reporter, Edward Beck who set my grandfather up using Burns detectives from New York.

It has to do with the Toronto World, Denison's pro-woman suffrage newspaper,  loving to print stories about Montreal corruption.

It has to do with  the municipal elections of 1914, where Mederic Martin was to be elected for the first time.

 It has to do with a 40 year Montreal Tramways Deal and  the anti-City Hall, social reformer suffragists  of the Montreal Suffrage Association, who were courted by Beck and then got into a tiff with him over money.

All things are connected, as Chief Seattle famously said.

You bet.