Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Suffrage and Theatre, a Delightful Combo

I have to love this: On the left, a report on Barbara Wylie's speech at the Montreal YMCA on November 4, 1912 in Montreal. She was a militant suffragette from England. I write about this event in Furies Cross the Mersey, about the Montreal Suffrage Movement.

On the right, a review of AIDA.

That pretty well sums up how the Women's Suffrage Movement was framed in Canada. Entertainment.

My story plays on that, the concept of 'theatre'.

In my book, I have Dr. Ritchie England of the Montreal Council of Women introduce Miss Wylie as the head of the Edinburgh WSPU branch.

She was head of the Glasgow Branch, but I think I  will leave it, for now.  Edinburgh is classier than Glasgow and I think they might have preferred to see it that way.