Monday, August 10, 2015

A Sad Story from 1935 McGill

 Edith Nicholson of the e-books Threshold Girl and Diary of a Confirmed Spinster wrote this to her mom in 1935. 

Edith was the kind of woman who clearly saw the Tumbler of Life  half full: 

As the e-books reveal, Edith didn't enjoy the easiest youth: the 1910's were precarious for the Nicholsons...and she lost her 'great love' in a terrible fire. But you don't hear her complaining.

One wonders what the stories are she hears at RVC, a place for privileged girls from all over Canada. Well, one can imagine...

Royal Victoria College 1935

November 16, 1 am.

So glad to get your letter and to hear you had such a good trip. We all enjoyed having you for the weekend.

I intended writing you early in the evening, but have had visitors all the time. First the French Mlles (mademoiselles) and then one of the students, an English girl, in her second year.
Came to tell me her troubles.
She had a letter from her mother today to say that she was getting a divorce from Father.

This was not really a surprise, but she had hoped things would be settled between them, poor girl (only 21).
She was terribly upset. She told me the whole story and, of course, there were two sides to the case. And she sees that. She is fond of both parents.

This is a strange world. And when you live in an institution like this, you see and hear many strange and sad things.

I cannot help but think, that the greatest heritage one can have is a happy family life such as ours, one where love and affection were the mainspring.
But having had such a heritage, it makes you feel you have done little or nothing to deserve it. When you see such distress as I saw tonight