Saturday, August 8, 2015

Roger's Cup, Coupe Roger's Repeat

Don't stop and smell the flowers or you'll be late for the start of the match! My husband in baseball cap on the way to the Roger's Cup WTA tennis last year. I hope to go again this year. Qualifying today! 

Today, my husband I and went to see the afternoon session of the Roger's Cup in Montreal, featuring three of the greatest players of the WTA in quarter-final matches,  the two Williams sisters, Venus and Serena of the US  and Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark.

Talk about value for money!

My husband, who doesn't particularly like or know tennis, thought the 100 dollar ticket price was steep, so last night I showed him the prices for the US Open at Flushing Meadows in Queens.

Flushing Meadows, I think, is on the old site of the 1964 World's Fair with that iconic space age statue thingy they featured in Men in Black.

In Montreal, the Grand Prix is held on the site of the 1967 World's Fair, Expo. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Beside the Casino.

There was a long line up to enter, even at the side door.  The main entrance is on Gary Carter Way... Gary Carter was the Expos Baseball Catcher who died young of cancer.

The Roger's Cup (Boom Boom Boom) is held on the site of the old Jarry Park baseball stadium.

As we walked to the Tennis Facility from the Metro stop, I asked my husband, "Did you ever go to an Expos baseball game?" (I already could guess the answer.)

"No," he said. (He is one year younger than me but he hails from a country suburb of Montreal, famous for its horse stables and little else.

"Well, I did, " I said. "My brothers and I went to many, many games as adolescents."

Today, my husband and I live in that same country suburb he grew up in.

This morning, we drove the 30 kilometers into the city and parked at his place of work, the CTV TV station on Papineau, near Delormier Street, the site of the first Montreal baseball stadium, before our time.

Well, at the lot in front of his work, under the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

You can see the Biosphere, the old US Pavilion of Expo 67 peeking over the trees from said parking lot.

We didn't have to worry about our car: a sign said "Big Brother Security" was watching over the lot.  I found this kinda weird. Are you supposed to brag about being Big Brother?

Then we took the metro to de Castelnau Metro station, but only after buying two breakfast sandwiches at Macdonald's on Ste. Catherine and Papineau.
This was my fourth day at a tennis tourney, so I was careful to bring a hat, sunscreen, bottled water, and cushions. The lady behind me forgot her shoes, apparently.

The Old CTV station, on 405 Ogilvy Ave, is right beside Jarry Park and the new Tennis Facility.

And that's no coincidence.

You see, back in the 60's, Montreal was about to lose it's new baseball franchise because they didn't have a stadium, so Russ Taylor, a CTV Sports Announcer, suggested Jarry Park.. nearby.

I told this to my husband as we made the longish walk from the metro station to Uniprix Stadium. (I think it's odd that Sports Facilities are sponsored by Corps, but only for short term, so the name can change over time. Imagine if Fenway Park had been called, say, Wrigley Field. (Oops!)

We got to our seats just in time to see Caroline Wozniacki introduced.

Russ Taylor, if I recall, had some kind of feud with Rusty Staub over something very weird, I can't recall exactly what.  However, he didn't bitch slap Maury Wills, as did  Ted Blackman, the excellent sports reporter from the Gazette

Ted Blackman lived in the same suburb we did as kids. He sometimes drove my brother into the game. His typewriter was always on the back seat, apparently.

Times certainly have changed. My announcers now are all on Twitter Tweeting.

This was my second time seeing Caroline play this tournament. She lost to Serena Williams today, but it was close.  The general consensus on Twitter was "She's baaaack!"

Venus Williams. Crappy pics taken with my Samsung note. I brought my Canon digital camera, but forgot to put in the memory card! But I still could tweet some pictures to my brother in Denmark who is a humungous WTA and Caro fan.

I asked my husband afterwards "Wasn't it thrilling to see three of the greatest women tennis players of all time within a few hours time?"

"You can see them better of TV, " he replied, not quite getting the gist of what I meant.