Monday, August 10, 2015

The Suffragettes of Montreal: Comedy or Drama?

Gee, the movie Suffragette seems to be have put on hold, the one starring Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst, but the suffragettes are a leading topic in the UK with a Jessica Hynes sitcom on BBC 2, Up the Women and a 3 part Amanda Vickery vehicle: Suffragettes Forever, the Story of Women and Power.

I learned about them from a tweet. Of course, as a Canadian, I can't watch these programs yet, but I can't imagine Canada doing a sitcom based on my ebook Furies Cross the Mersey, the story of the how the British Suffragettes invaded Canada in 1912/13... to no avail at all.

That's pretty funny in itself. How these suffragettes had no idea how Montreal politics worked. How complicated it was back then, dancing between  the two solitudes.

Carrie Derick, President of the Montreal Suffrage Association and the subject of my book, was politically savvy. She didn't even get all mixed up during the Conscription crisis. Many other very smart ladies did.

It could be a comedy... although it could be a House of Cards style drama too.

In my ebook, I actually try to put comedic elements in, with respect to the ladies of the Montreal Council. I wonder if that is disrespectful?


Read Furies Cross the Mersey, that will never be turned into a CBC comedy or drama.